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Monday, July 10, 2006

Good luck with skulkers

Between last Sunday and yesterday I've found thre of the little hide in the underbrush warblers. Last week I got an Ovenbird in the thicket along the Leatherwood trail after it splits off Beacham. Then yesterday there was a Common Yellowthroat in the same area. And over by the spring overflow wetland by the maintenence yard I found the first of the year Worm-eating Warbler.

Another interesting find along the Leatherwood trail: in the open area with the light purple mint that's very common, about two feet tall, many Hummingbird Moths. They have transparent wings and thick bodies, and fly about the flowers in a sort of upright position. They do sort of look like hummers, but smaller.

Species numbers were down slightly, but many individuals, especially fledgelings of all kinds. Even a Pileated Woodpecker. And finally I'm seeing Black-and-White Warblers again, which seem much less numerous than previous years. There are more than usual Yellow-throated Vireos, which I guess is a compensation.


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