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Monday, June 26, 2006

Finally, a bird report

Well, I've been busy on the blind, (which is completely done, the path has been gravelled and a few carpentry final touches) and hung up in other ways, but Sunday I finally ran my regular survey route. Nothing special to report. There were a lot of Wood Ducks, many immatures, and moms with ducklings. Several other species feeding young, best being an immature Cuckoo hanging in a tree-top and begging. Lots of Titmouse families. Two Louisiana Waterthrushes in the entryway of the bath-house; I have no idea what they were doing there. And etc. I confess I find this part of the year the least interestin. I've been sitting at home planning a trip in Eastern Kansas for the fall, but may do something shorter and closer since I'm itching to drive around and see new territory.

On the thank-you front: Contributions to the bird blind were received from The Ninestone Land Trust, and from Kamal Singh. Larry Harrison made a pledge as well. My thanks to all of them.


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