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Monday, April 17, 2006

Sunday 4/16 Bird report

First of year this weekend were Lots of Red-eyed Vireos, and two Warbling Vireos. There was one Indigo Bunting on Sat, but I couldn't find any on Sunday. Hawks were good, Red-shoulders that live there, a great look at a Sharp-shinned that will be gone soon, and a Broad-wing. I had the first Chimney Swift on Sunday, so they should be doing their crepuscular dances downtown soon. I had a couple of Ovenbirds too and a small flock of a dozen Cedar Waxwings hanging around the cabin area. There are still Ruby-crowned Kinglets, but they should be leaving soon, along with the single White-throated Sparrow that is still skulking.


At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Billy said...

Saw what apeared to be Great Egrets this weekend over Keel's Creek. Saw a single one early in the day and a pair flew over around dusk. I see plenty of Great Blue Herons, but have never seen the white version in this part of the country. As large as the blue, but pure white. Could not see the color of the legs.


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