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Monday, October 10, 2011

Possibilities awaken at Lake Leatherwood

I've been talking with Bruce Levine at the Parks Department about his vision for more birding and wildlife viewing at the park. The fantasies/visions are fueled by the possibility of receiving some substantial grant money focused on improving wildlife viewing opportunities in Arkansas. So far I've worked up a checklist of the birds seen at the lake during the five years when I regularly walked around on Sunday mornings and counted everything seen. I'll put the draft in the next post. We're also talking about building two more blinds on the far side of the lake, one located near the cove across from the boat dock, and another along the shoreline near the quarry. Also possible are handicap access improvements at the existing blind, something I had envisioned when we first built it. Ran out of money then. Also possible are some focused and informative signs at various points along the trail that would connect the various facilities. This is exciting for me, like finally the seed planted with the first blind has sprouted. Wish luck to the park and the public that will benefit.


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